Smart Watering Case Study

Sage smart watering versus a Hunter irrigation system with a rain sensor.


Highview creations is a premier green roof design-build firm in New York City. They are constantly searching for ways to innovate on the projects they create. One problem area of focus, was cutting down on the water usage on their Lenox hill site in New York for their client
Prior to Sage they were utilizing a Hunter industries smart irrigation controller (Hunter Industries™ X-Core system), with smart valves, and a rain sensor to accomplish this goal.


Highview Creations

331 East 70th Street, New York, NY

A Sage hub, smart sensor, and smart valve were installed on 1 zone of the intensive Lenox hill rooftop, while a 2nd, identical zone was kept on the previously purchased Hunter system in order to provide a side by side comparison.



The Sage system with smart watering enabled in just a quick 2 week test reduced water usage by 20% under identical conditions, compared to a Hunter Industries™ system. Even with the Hunter™ rain sensor and rain delay feature enabled. This study demonstrates Sage’s ability to provide flexible and adaptable irrigation that can respond in realtime to real-world conditions, resulting in significant water savings for clients.


The Sage system reduced water

consumption by

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Sage System



Hunter™ System

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