Building a Greener World with Smarter Irrigation​

A modular, scalable irrigation and moisture monitoring solution that’s quick to install and easy to use. Manage conditions and watering schedules at dozens of client sites at the same time. Prioritize your time and send your resources where they are needed the most. Stay ahead of leaks and clogs by receiving alerts when conditions unusually damp or dry. Gather data unlike ever before.

For Green Roofs

Get the same functionality as permanent smart irrigation systems–without the big grey box. Modular, easy to install, and no wires to bury.

For Living Walls

Stop replacing plants. Keep your systems watered and monitor from anywhere. Receive timely updates and alerts.

How It Works

Plug in Hub and Sync Modules
Place the Moisture Sensor
Screw in the Smart Valve
Manage from Anywhere

Plug and Play Products

Moisture Sensor

Detect moisture conditions anywhere on your site. Solar powered and wirelessly connected to the Hub and Automated Valves, meaning there’s no wires to bury. Capacitive sensing technology means accuracy in a wide variety of conditions.

Smart Valve

Forget about manual timers. The Smart Valve wirelessly connects to the Hub and Moisture Sensors to provide automated watering or remote scheduling from anywhere. Solar powered and screws into any standard irrigation thread (garden hose adaptor pictured).


Wireless Hub

Bridges the connection between the Moisture Sensors, Smart Valves, and the Sage cloud so you can monitor and manage your irrigation from anywhere. Automatically detects and connects to your Valves and Sensors, bringing the entire system online. Plugs into power outlet and ethernet connection like any standard router.

Simple, Powerful App

No more gray ugly boxes to control your system. All you need is a smart phone or computer.

Remote Monitoring

Ensure the healthy establishment of multiple sites at once. Avoid sending maintenance resources when they're not needed. Know what's happening in between visits.

Fully Automated

Integrate weather, moisture and scheduling information to only water when you want to, when plants need it the most.

The Power of Data

Collect long-term data trends to inform site-specific decision and company-wide best practice. Optimize your projects.

Real time Alerts

Sage alerts you of unusual conditions in realtime, so you can take action before it's too late. Never lose plants to clogs or leaks again.

Selected Case study

Sage, reaching new heights

The sage system is now on one of the tallest, skyscrapers in the U.S! This 2,200 square foot extensive rooftop with its custom design and extreme environmental conditions needed a system like sage. On the left you can see one of the recent storm events that our system was able to capture and inform installers of the conditions on the roof. 

Made in Philadelphia

All of our products are assembled by our team at our headquarters in South Philly.

Who We Are

Ariel Ramirez

Co-founder & CEO

Botanist and Business development

Trevor Stephens

Co-Founder & CTO

Engineer and Product Lead

Dustyn Roberts

Co-founder & COO

Mechanical Engineering PhD and Avid Gardener

Jono Matusky

Marketing & BD

Jack of all Trades, Master of Fun

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Our Partners

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